Today, I want to talk about posture and how it’s essential for a good workout.

In today’s society, with almost everything we do, we’re rounded forward: driving, eating, texting, typing on the computer, grocery shopping, holding children.

Being in this forward position lengthens and weakens our muscles in the back while shortening and tightening the muscles in the front. Our head rounds forward. This, of course, is the opposite of what we want.

With all of these activities throughout the day in this bad posture, over time our posture gets stuck this way.

So, when we work out together, we’ll concentrate on having upright posture: shoulders are back, the scapula is back, and ears are over the shoulders – no matter what exercise position we’re in.

This helps create a beautiful, strong body with correct posture.

I’d love to be able to help you with your posture during workouts. Give me a call at (508) 395-4271 or fill out the form below if you’d like to learn more.

Have a great day!


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