I want to show you my favorite exercise to get “washboard abs.”

First off. The best way for you to see your abs, is to eat a nutritious whole food diet in moderation. That’s going to get you the abs that you want when they start to show through. You can do this in your office, in your bedroom, anywhere you like.

V-Sit with Rotation

Feet are elevated
Palms are up
Shoulders are down
Straight line from head to hip
Exhale completely while rotating to your right and reclining slightly
Open up, while inhaling
Lengthen to your left
Slowly exhale and curl down to the floor, putting your hands on the floor if needed

Put your feet down on the floor staying reclined.

Do three sets of 5 every other day. And your washboard abs will be showing, “momentarily.”

Give it a try and let me know how you do in the comments below.


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