I want to show you a really quick exercise today to help balance out your dominant side vs your non-dominant side, or your strong side vs your weak side.

Our dominant side tends to be so much stronger than our week side that over time, we tend to have problems with pain and our body just doesn’t function well.

This exercise will help balance out your body over time. If you don’t know what your dominant side is, I want you to just fall to the floor (see video). Whatever leg catches you first is your dominant side. That leg is always working, all the time.

We want to try to build up the other side to balance it out with our dominant side.

We’re going to do a single leg squat, starting with your non-dominant side. I have people hold on to bar lightly. But, you can do this anywhere in your own home, on a counter, or the kitchen table. Reach down, tap the butt, drive your heel into the ground, and reach your head to the ceiling.

I want you to do as many of those as you can well, anywhere from 6 – 15. Then, do a set on your dominant side.

Do one more set on both sides.

Finish with just a single set on the non-dominant side.

Do this two days a week. And, overtime your body will start to balance itself out.

Give it a try. Let me know how you do.


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