Today, I want to talk to you about core strength and how essential it is for real life.

Core strength is the strength from our hips to our shoulders and everything in between.

We need a strong core to prevent injuries. As we get older it’s more and more likely we’re going to develop lower back and hip pain. To prevent this, we need to keep our core strength up.

A strong core is important for everything we do. Carrying children, twisting movements from everyday living, outside activities like gardening, and carrying a heavy suitcase in one hand are all examples of why we need excellent core strength.

These core muscles that we’ll train together not only need to be working all day long but they need to be balanced. We’ll make sure your small muscle groups are firing all the time so that the larger muscles don’t dominate. This will keep you balanced and injury-free.

Core training is the primary component of my workouts with my women, Everything else, then, falls into place.

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